Carpet Types

What is the best type of carpet for your lifestyle?

When choosing a carpet, there are a few key factors to keep in mind. What is your budget? Do you have children, pets, or a lot of guests over? Is the carpet going to be placed in a commercial setting? If you take these questions into consideration on the front end, you will be a lot better off in choosing the perfect carpet to suit your lifestyle. Different carpet fibers can offer different upsides and downsides.

Nylon Carpet

Nylon is one of the most common types of carpet due to its durability and stain resistant qualities (stains are both easy to remove and well-hidden with this fiber). It is also one of the most expensive fibers in the industry. Since it is the strongest fiber on the market, it can retain its texture and not wear out or flatten in areas with a lot of foot traffic. If you have an active household or are looking to carpet a high-traffic area, it might be worth the investment to pay a little more for the longevity and durability of nylon.

Olefin Carpet

Olefin is a very vibrant fiber due to its structural make-up and is more affordable than other fibers. Because of its dyeing process, in which the color is added during its formation rather than applied topically, it is highly resistant to stains and fading. However, also due to the dyeing process, the color selection can be limited. This type of fiber is not as durable as its counterparts and can fuse or become matted if exposed to too much abrasion. Olefin’s affordability and resistance to stains and mildew make it a great contender for a home setting or low-traffic area.

Polyester Carpet

Polyester offers a very wide color and texture selection, but like olefin it is susceptible to crushing and appearing matted. It is non-allergenic, resistant to moisture and mildew, and relatively easy to keep clean. This fiber could offer a happy medium between the durable and more expensive nylon and the more fragile but less expensive olefin.

Wool Carpet

Wool offers the most alluring look and feel for most carpet buyers. However, this benefit does come with a price. Not only is wool the most expensive type of carpet (around twice as expensive as nylon), but its resistance to fading and mildew is low. It is durable, but will require more attentive cleaning than the other fibers. If you are willing to invest in the higher price and maintenance, this is the most luxurious carpet to choose.