Carpet Cleaning
Professional Carpet Care in Ventura

Professional Carpet Cleaning in Ventura County

For Carpet Cleaning in Ventura County, the best choice you can make is Kelly Clean. Serving Ventura County for over 35 years, we’ve developed the most professional, most advanced, and most caring approach to carpet cleaning and all janitorial services.

Carpet Steam Cleaning System

We use the #1 van-powered carpet, rug and upholstery steam cleaning system in the country. Our professional carpet cleaning service in Ventura provides high grade cleaning with a quick drying formula and leaves no residues behind. The system we have developed is the best solution for any stain. Specializing in cleaning carpets, upholstery, and rugs, our professionals know what it takes to remove the toughest grease, oil and fat stains from all carpet types. Our cleaning vans make it easy and quick as they don't need water from an external source, it’s all centered around a system mounted in our service van. Each carpet cleaning van has a fresh water tank built in. Some areas in Ventura may not have running water. Whether you’re on location somewhere away from pipes, or access to water is particularly difficult in your home or building, we can handle the task.

We have the best cleaning system available, equaled by no other in Ventura. We’re determined to be the best, so we went ahead and set our carpet cleaning prices as the most competitive in Ventura as well. There are many options for carpet care, but Kelly Clean is simply the final word in professional carpet cleaning and stain removal. Contact us for more information on our carpet cleaning system or request a quote for pricing.

Professional and Caring Cleaning Service 

You love your business' office, and your house, and we’re extremely careful and delicate around your floors, walls, railings, lobbies, business' furniture, possessions, pets, and family. Our presence will be invisible after we’ve left your home and we'll be discrete and out of the way in your office, the only thing you’ll notice is good-as-new carpets in any room or area we’ve serviced. Traffic stains, pet dander and dirt, food, beverages, oils, and debris are all destroyed and removed using our industrial-grand, van-powered carpet cleaning system.

Seem like overkill? We’ve invested in the best equipment available to leave you carpet seriously sanitized and absolutely stain-free. Our van-powered carpet cleaning system combined with our tech’s experience allows us to eradicate a remarkable range of stains and marks. We’ve cleaned everything from cranberry juice to motorcycle tracks - and left no trace! You’ll be amazed that marks you thought would never be gone from your carpet are removed with no evidence left behind.

Eco-Friendly Carpet Care

Many residents in Ventura are very environmentally conscious, and so are we. All of our carpet cleaning products are environmentally-friendly. Our exclusive pretreatment chemical is formulated to instantly break down, decompose and release embedded, caked-on proteins, fats, oils, starches and grease. Read more about our Eco-Friendly Carpet Care here.

Other Carpet Cleaning Services

We also specialize in carpet stain removal, upholstery steam cleaning and sanitizing, flea abatement treatments, and fire damage clean-up. If you have used other Ventura carpet cleaners and had a steam cleaning done recently and still need to be bug free, or if you have had a fire and need to get the soot and ash cleaned up, then please give us a call and we will be out to help you just as soon as possible. There is no job too big or too small. We have the best carpet stain solutions in Ventura!

Bonded and Insured Professionals

We are recognized as an authorized application service for the DuPont®-approved MasterSeries® Carpet Care System. If you are looking for high quality and low cost carpet cleaning then look no further. Kelly Cleaning are the leaders in Ventura carpet care and use products that are Green Clean® certified. All our Kelly technicians must pass background checks, and are covered under our honesty bond and general liability insurance. You can always count on our staff, whether your in Santa Barbara or Ventura, to be highly trained, extremely experienced and very happy to have YOU as our customer.

Please contact us at 805-232-7003.