Oriental and Persian Rug Cleaning - Part 1

by Kelly Cleaning Ventura County

Oriental and Persian Rug Cleaning - Part 1

As many people replace old carpet with new hardwood floors rugs are becoming very popular in homes around Ventura County. Accent rugs add a stylish presence to rooms and embellish hardwood floors nicely. Like all surfaces which experience foot traffic, rugs attract dirt and debris. Because of the fabrics, paints, dyes, and stitching used in the construction of rugs, it’s necessary to be very careful when cleaning a rug to avoid damaging the materials or compromising the integrity of the rug. Although high quality rugs are made to last for decades or longer, they are still susceptible to damage during the cleaning process. Using our rug cleaning service ensures that any dirt and stains are properly removed without damaging your prized rug.

Oriental Rug Cleaning

We’ve cared for many rugs, and we approach each rug on an individual basis because rugs can vary so much in the following ways:

Rugs are typically made to one of four different levels of Thickness:

Imagine the side a quarter coin. A normal thick rug would be approximately the same height as the quarter sitting upright on its side. A medium rug is approximately half the height of a thick rug. A flatweave rug is approximately half the height of a medium rug, and a thin rug is approximately half the height of a flatweave rug. Generally the thicker the rug, the more dirt and oil can be deeply seeded beneath the surface, but thicker rugs can be more durable due to the larger volume of fabric.

Persian Rug Cleaners

There are many collectible and highly renowned rugs in existence from numerous regions and individual makers. Rugs are distinguished as much by their construction and materials as they are for their styling and patterns. It’s common to identify rugs by the following characteristics:

  • Knots Per Square Inch
  • Pile Material - Wools,
  • Foundation Material
  • Motif
  • Distinguishing Characteristics
  • Color

We’ve taken care of many beautiful rugs. Some of the most famous rugs are:

American Sarouk

This is a style of rug originally woven in Sarouk, Persia in the 20th century. Made with wool pile on cotton foundation, the American Sarouk uses dark red backgrounds with deep blue accents in an all-over motif with floral medallions across the border and inner field. These rugs are unique due to their complexly designed inner field.

American Sarouk Rug Cleaning

Kashmir Silk Rugs

Unlike many other popular makes of rugs, Kashmirs have unpredictable patterns with designs that vary drastically between each example. These rugs have a thick silk pile on top of either a silk or cotton foundation.

Silk Rug Cleaning

Isfahan Rugs

These rugs woven in Iran using Qurk wool pile over a silk or cotton foundation can vary in quality and price. Spiraling vines called islimis are typically used in the borders and sometimes in the inner fields as well.

Isfahan Oriental Rug Cleaning

Bokhara Rugs

These rugs are recognized by their repetitive stylized-flower designs, which create a pseudo optical illusion effect. They use very few colors and are less ornate in comparison to other rugs like Sarouks or Kashmirs. These are another examples of wool pile over cotton foundation.

Cleaning Wool and Silk Rugs

Chobi Rugs

These definitely have unique characteristics. Chobi rugs typically use wooden colors like brown, golden,  and amber and have a generally faded or muted appearance. Chobi rugs are woven with a thinner pile and typically have a repetitive but more sparse motif. These rugs go through a tea washing process which gives the subdued earthy tones and washed out appearance for which they are known.

Chobi Rug Cleaning

Tabriz Rugs

Tabriz are one of the most iconic persian rugs. These rugs vary a lot in design and don’t adhere to any particular color or pattern motif, but they almost exclusively have a silk or wool pile over a silk or cotton foundation. They also range from very thick and dense construction to finer and more elegant weaving, but nearly every example is of the highest quality in its own way.

Tabriz Rug Cleaning

Kashan Rugs

Kashan rugs are a less expensive variety of rugs which are very popular. They compare very favorably to more esoteric makes of rugs like the American Sarouk and can be had at a fraction of the price. People usually choose the Kashan rug for the beauty of the pattern which is characterised by a large center medallion with an embellished border of palmettes (stylized flowers). These rugs have a thin wool pile over a cotton foundation.

Kashan Rug Cleaning

Check back for more commentary on the various makes and manufacturers of oriental and persian rugs. As you can see the majority of rugs are woven use a combination of wool and silk - two fabrics which are sensitive to moisture and need to be handled with care to avoid damage. We have developed a careful process to clean rugs of any material in our facility without affecting the texture, weaving, or dyes. Having your rug cleaned periodically by Kelly Cleaning & Supplies will extend the life of your carpet by removing damaging oils and enhance its appearance.

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