Telltale Signs That You Need a New Carpet

by Kelly Cleaning Ventura County

Carpets are a big investment, and we all would like to make them last as long as possible. Whether you are carpeting a high-end hotel with 40,000 square feet of the finest carpet, decorating a busy restaurant with a durable but attractive fiber, or in the market for a new carpet at home, the end goal is to get the most value that you can out of the carpet you choose. Attentive care and cleaning can go a long way toward making your carpet last years or even more than a decade. However, there comes a point in every carpet’s life when it is time to give up the ghost.

Here are some telltale signs that the time has come to replace your carpet

Every time a weight is placed on a carpet, it compresses the fibers. Over time, the fibers no longer return to their original shape and instead take on a matted appearance. You may have noticed carpet looking flatter in main thoroughfares of households or businesses. Or if you have ever moved furniture that has occupied a certain spot for a long period of time, perhaps you have seen the way the carpet beneath has become flattened. These are examples of what weight can do to carpet fibers over time as the fibers lose their resiliency. If you begin to notice that your carpet looks flattened or threadbare, it might be time to consider buying a new carpet.

Carpet padding is literally the foundation of a good carpet. It provides a layer of cushion that both supports the carpet and helps prevent matting. Once the padding wears out, the condition of your carpet will quickly deteriorate. The padding beneath your carpet can begin to discolor your carpet as gasses from the padding are released over time. If your carpet has an unpleasant odor that cannot be eradicated with cleaning, this suggests that the odor comes from deep within and beneath the carpet. It can also mean that your carpet is trapping dirt, mold, mildew, and allergens. Stains and water damage can also be strong factors contributing to the destruction of your carpet padding. Stains that cannot be lifted or that cover a large surface area can be a sign that it is time to replace the carpet. Staining can indicate that potentially hazardous mildew and bacteria are growing beneath the carpet. If you notice your carpet beginning to look discolored, emitting an odor, assuming a wrinkled appearance, looking uneven, or making noise when you walk on it, then it is due for replacement.

A high quality carpet given proper care can last for many years. However, a good rule to follow when examining whether you need a new carpet is to look at its age. If the carpet is over ten years old, ask yourself whether it is showing any signs of matting, fading or discoloration, odors, ripples, or noise. If so, you may need a new carpet. For more advice on protecting your carpet from the signs of aging, give us a call today!